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Mi Sueño Story

There are many beautiful stories in the Napa Valley, but few are as warm and enchanting as the love story of Rolando and Lorena Herrera.

El Llano, Michoacán is rarely mistaken for Napa Valley, but in hindsight it would play a significant role in the type of winemaker and person that Rolando became. It was in Michoacán, working alongside his grandparents that he received his early lessons in agriculture. He recalls hiking with them into the mountains to tend special plots of land and discovering the unique qualities of the mountain grown fruits and vegetables. Little did he know that he was getting an early lesson in the concept of “terrior".

In 1975, in search of a better way of life, Rolando's parents brought his family to the heart of the Napa Valley, St. Helena. Five years later, his father decided to retire and the entire family moved back to Michoacán.  However, even at the young age of 15, Rolando's dream of working at a winery had already taken root. He yearned to return to Napa Valley where the opportunities seemed so much greater than those in El Llano.

It’s a journey that many of his countrymen had taken before him, carrying with them a “dream” of attaining a better life.  While it is often dangerous and riddled with obstacles, it was a trip Rolando was prepared to make. It just wasn’t the allure of a good job that pulled him back to Napa- it was the opportunity for a better education.  With a good education, he knew that instead of settling for a job in the fields, he could aspire and dream of one day owning his own business.  

Like Rolando, Lorena was born in Mexico, but she was raised in the Napa Valley, in a family with a proud tradition of tending vines and growing grapes. Like her eight siblings, Lorena learned about the art and craft of winemaking right in the vineyards.  When she met Rolando, who had grown from a “cellar rat” to a successful winemaker, it seemed like fate.

In 1997, the year of their marriage, Rolando and Lorena founded their own winery, “Mi Sueño,” Spanish for “My Dream". Together, the two built their dream winery with love, passion, and a deep understanding of the art and the science of growing exceptional grapes, as well as crafting wines rich in character. Several of their wines have earned the honor of being served at state dinners at the White House.

For Rolando and Lorena, wine is more than a healthy drink to be enjoyed with meals. For them, wine is family. It’s sharing. Its friends, old and new, and it’s the joy of two families and two cultures melded happily together.